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Our Mission:

Help and support the Guide Dogs of America in their mission of providing guide dogs free of charge to blind individuals so that they may pursue their goals with increased mobility and independence


A Guide Dog:

A guide dog is a specially trained dog that acts as a mobility tool to aid blind and visually impaired individuals. They provide independence and confidence in the form of a loving canine companion.


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Puppy Putt Year Three!

June 11th 2005

Raised $7,500.00


Our contribution and support helps provide guide dogs free of charge to blind individuals. With the gift of a guide dog, men and women are better able to pursue their goals, fulfill their dreams, and participate in their communities. Guide dogs not only provide the gift of increased independence, confidence, and mobility, but they also act as a trusted companion providing new opportunities for social interaction.


You helped make a difference in the life of a blind individual in the form of a loving, four pawed partner.


We would like to say a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who participated and sponsored our third event!


Pictures from our third event.

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Additional 2005 Sponsors:

Thank you for your continued support.


2005 Sponsors:


Thank you for your continued support.







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