Vendor Form:    

Please print*, complete and return mail this page to be a vendor at this years event.


All vending spaces are FREE OF CHARGE to all Sponsors in 10’ x 10’ units and you must supply your own tent, tables and chairs. Please note that power is not provided at our events.


Must be mailed by to:


        IAM&AW District 751                         Please Make Checks Payable To: 

        Attention: Puppy Putt                        IAM District 751 - Puppy Putt

        Lori Dorsey

             8729 Airport Rd East

             Everett, WA 98204

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Vendor Registration (Please Print, Complete,, Sign & Return)


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Email: (optional)_____________________________________________________________________________


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Special Requirements: ________________________________________________________________________


The Puppy Putt event has a Zero Tolerance Policy for any items and material we may deem of illegal, discriminatory and/or offensive in nature. We reserve the right to request such items, if found, to be removed from the premises up to and including the actual vendor’s removal from the premises. Further action will be taken if necessary should the vendor not comply with this policy.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I release and hold harmless IAM&AW, District 751 Guide Dogs of America event volunteers, sponsors/supporters, participating merchants and event site owners and personnel from any responsibility for any damage or injury I may incur or cause while participating in this event. I have read this form and agree to the above statement (Signature required).




       Vendor Signature (Required)



Please Note:  Email your company logo to LoriD@iam751.org and edl@iam751.org

to be added to our web site and literature.


PLEASE NOTE: Pictures taken at our events are for use in only professional publications, promotional materials and on this web site. Pictures taken at this event will and may not be used for distribution or re-sale in any way, shape or form. Participants agree and understand this note.


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